Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playlist 9/26/2010


Dagon-"Corpus Hermecticum"

Bahimiron-"Blackest Morning Coming Down'

Leviathan-"Where Annihilation Dwells"

Demoncy-"Abyssmal Shores of the Darklands beyond the Sun"

Drapsnatt-"Mann I Min Spegel"

Evil-"Wotan Redivius"

Arizmenda-"Drowning in the Pain of Consciousness"

Beherit-"Pagan Moon"

Godless North-"Wisdom of the Ancient Cults"

Hank 3-"Them Pills I took"

Black Witchery-"Unholy Vengeance of War"

Grand Belial's Key-"Shemhamforash"

Hexenwald-"Germanic Black Witchery"


Maniac Butcher-"track 1" from Maskar

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult-"Bearer of Darkness"

Nyogthaeblisz-"Abyssal Wargoat"

Teratism-"Satanos Thronos Esti"

Nightbringer-"Of Silence and Exsanguination" (vinyl version)

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