Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playlist 8/22/2010

Nightbringer-.."Womb of Nyx"

Serpentinam-.."Mercury in Eclipse"

Leviathan-"A Whore"

Aghast-"Call from the Grave"

Vobiscum Inferni-.."Blasphemies Under Infinite Thrones"

Archgoat-.."Hammer of Satan"

Grand Belial's Key- "Shemhamforash"

Hexenwald-.."..Jomugandr-..Evoking The Serpent"

Temple of Not-"The Sunken Houses of Sleep"

Arzimenda-.."Those Beaten Paths of Confusion"

Judas Iscariot-"Our Sons Shall Rule The Empire of the Sea"

Pseduogod-"The Firstborn of Abhorrence"

Gravecode Nebula-"Midas"

Hills of Sefiroth-.."Their Valleys Thick With Death"

Demoncy-.."Rebirth by Moonlight"

Kristallnacht-.."For Resurrection of our Movement"

Kathonik-.."Baptism of Impurity"

Obesiance-.."Satanic Hunt and Slaughter of Women in Juarez"

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