Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playlist 9/26/2010


Dagon-"Corpus Hermecticum"

Bahimiron-"Blackest Morning Coming Down'

Leviathan-"Where Annihilation Dwells"

Demoncy-"Abyssmal Shores of the Darklands beyond the Sun"

Drapsnatt-"Mann I Min Spegel"

Evil-"Wotan Redivius"

Arizmenda-"Drowning in the Pain of Consciousness"

Beherit-"Pagan Moon"

Godless North-"Wisdom of the Ancient Cults"

Hank 3-"Them Pills I took"

Black Witchery-"Unholy Vengeance of War"

Grand Belial's Key-"Shemhamforash"

Hexenwald-"Germanic Black Witchery"


Maniac Butcher-"track 1" from Maskar

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult-"Bearer of Darkness"

Nyogthaeblisz-"Abyssal Wargoat"

Teratism-"Satanos Thronos Esti"

Nightbringer-"Of Silence and Exsanguination" (vinyl version)

Playlist 9/19/2010

Black Funeral-"Vukolak"

Moonblood-"Dusk Woerot-Chapter 3"

Nightbringer-" Vir Sapiens Dominibar Astris"

Leviathan-"Track 7" (from "Intolerance" demo 2001)

Clandestine Blaze-"Praising the Self"

 Beherit-"Suck My Blood"

 Father Befouled -"Track 1 and 2" (from "Sacrificing Oblivion demo)

 Vasaeleth-"Gateway to the Cemetery of Being"

Blut as Nord-"Plain of Ida"

Godless North-"In Mourning for the Night"

Teratism-"He Descends"
Dead to Earth-"Eternal Bliss, Eternal Death" (Judas Iscariot cover)

Warloghe-"Underneath the Seven Fold Eye"

Lord Foul-"Infernal Adulation"

Necroplasma-"The Cold of the Uncaring Moon"

 Old Wainds-"The One Holy Dead"

Spiculum Iratus-"The Seventh Day of Wrath"

Spear of Longinus-"Rite of Ragnarok"

Cryptic Winds-"Cryptic Winds"

Black Witchery-"The Angelholocaust"

Nygothaeblisz-"Satanic Warfare"

 Profanatica-"Mocked, Scourged, and Spit Upon"

Playlist 8/22/2010

Nightbringer-.."Womb of Nyx"

Serpentinam-.."Mercury in Eclipse"

Leviathan-"A Whore"

Aghast-"Call from the Grave"

Vobiscum Inferni-.."Blasphemies Under Infinite Thrones"

Archgoat-.."Hammer of Satan"

Grand Belial's Key- "Shemhamforash"

Hexenwald-.."..Jomugandr-..Evoking The Serpent"

Temple of Not-"The Sunken Houses of Sleep"

Arzimenda-.."Those Beaten Paths of Confusion"

Judas Iscariot-"Our Sons Shall Rule The Empire of the Sea"

Pseduogod-"The Firstborn of Abhorrence"

Gravecode Nebula-"Midas"

Hills of Sefiroth-.."Their Valleys Thick With Death"

Demoncy-.."Rebirth by Moonlight"

Kristallnacht-.."For Resurrection of our Movement"

Kathonik-.."Baptism of Impurity"

Obesiance-.."Satanic Hunt and Slaughter of Women in Juarez"